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A Tan Tara Men’s Club MAJOR tournament



Qualification Dates:

Total Pro Shop Credit To Be Awarded:

Tuesday June 2nd until Sunday June 21st $500


A 2 Man, Best Ball qualification tournament (full handicap)

Please use separate rounds to post President’s Cup and 2 Man Best Ball qualification scores!


The course handicaps for qualifying for this flighted event are as follows:

AA Up to 5                                                                  Gold Tee (Both players must have age A 6 to 11                                                                        plus white tee course handicap

B 12 to 15                                                                         equaling 85 or over) C 16 and over


Enter the flight of the lower handicapped golfer

Partners may be from different flights, but can only take the maximum strokes of the flight



PRINT and SIGN your names at the top of the yellow card INCLUDE your handicaps in parenthesis

On the first line, fill in the first player’s gross score per hole and total score

On the second line, fill in the second’s player’s gross score per hole and total score On the third line, enter the lower NET score of one or the other player

Add the third line and write the total in the box in the upper right hand corner Circle the class in which you are competing (AA, A, B, C, or Gold Tee)

Fill in the event (2 Man Best Ball)

Have your card attested by a player in your foursome who is a member of Tan Tara Post your scores as TOURNAMENT scores

Refer to the SAMPLE CARD to properly fill out your card


Ties will be settled by match of cards, starting with the net score on the hardest handicap hole


General Yellow Card Tournament Rules

    You must be a paid member of the Men's Club BEFORE you play any Yellow Card Tournament event

    BEFORE starting your round: Pick up your Yellow Tournament Card or declare you are playing the Yellow Card          You can enter an event ONCE and you must play the event the day you pull the card or declare

    All cards must be placed in the box located next to the handicap computer in the mens locker room (or starters podium) no later than 8pm on the final day of the tournament

    Please print and complete your Yellow Card neatly and accurately


Chris Decker, Tournament Chair