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Guidelines to be followed



As we are about to start, a reminder of what each of us needs to do, in order to make this year’s league successful & safe:

·         League Information:

o   All league information is posted on the Tan Tara Men’s Club website

o   The season long match schedule, flight assignments, flight tee time schedule, & standings, are all posted on this site.

o   Because of the Covid-19 restrictions, no league information will be posted in the Tan Tara club house.

o   We will all receive weekly emails from our league administrator, that will report standings, & any other league news & updates.

·         Tee Times:

o   Refer to the weekly schedule, posted on the Men’s Club website, for opponents.

o   Refer to the weekly flight tee time schedule, also posted on the Men’s Club website, to find out whether you play on the front or back 9. Also, flights C, D, E, & F, will have tee time changes, week to week.

o   You are required to touch base with your scheduled match opponents, & between you, decide on a tee time that works for both teams. Once you’ve decided on a time, someone from the 4some is required to book the tee time, during your flight’s time frame, on the online Tan Tara tee sheet.

o   Tee times can be booked on the Tuesday before the scheduled Thursday matches, starting at 7:30 AM. Tee times can be booked on the Tan Tara website, or thru the Tan Tara app.

o   If you and your opponents cannot agree to a tee time for a given Thursday night match, you have the ability to schedule your match anytime the two teams can get together, starting on the Friday after the scheduled Thursday match, until the following Tuesday. Each week you will have this opportunity to get your match in.

·         Scoring:

o   All players must have an established handicap.

o   Match scoring is calculated by comparing the handicaps of all 4 players. All match handicaps will be calculated off the difference between player with the lowest handicap & the individual player handicaps & divided by 2, because we’re only playing 9 holes.

o   Odd number differences in handicaps are rounded up, if playing the front 9 (EX: 2.5 would be 3), & rounded down (EX: 2.5 would be 2) if playing the back.

o   The scoring method is 2 man best ball, with a max. of 10 points to be had per match.  Each team cards only one set of strokes per hole, with handicap.  Low number of strokes per team wins the hole & gets 1 point for the hole.  Ties each get ½ point per hole.  After all 9 holes are played, whichever team won the majority of the 9 holes outright, they get 1 extra point.  If after 9 holes everything is tied up, the score is 5 to 5. All match points need to add up to 10 (EX: 5-5, 6-4. 7.5-2.5, etc.).

·         Posting:

o   After your match, send the results to either Jeff Ott, or Ray Soto.

o   Jeff Ott’s contact info is: (716) 940-1745 or email

o   Ray Soto’s contact info is (716) 961-8975 or email

·         Social Distancing:

o   Per the Covid-19 restrictions, we are not allowed to congregate around the teeing areas, the putting green, the driving range, or the parking lot.

o   Please don’t show up too early.  20 min. max. before your match.

o   Please leave the premises shortly after your match.

o   Maintain social distancing during match play.

·         Carts:

o   One person per cart.

o   Walking is preferred; if you can do so, to allow those that cannot walk, ride.


Unfortunately, this is the state we’re all in right this minute.  We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to getting the Thursday Night Men’s Leauge finally started.  Have fun and be patient. If/when things change, we’ll get back to “normal”.  Any questions, please direct them to either Jeff Ott or Ray Soto.



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