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2020 Scoring  Guidelines

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Score Posting Guidelines
Now that more people are playing golf, it is time to start posting scores. As of
know, here are the guidelines to follow:
Because of the limitations in hiring staff to maintain the course, the following
procedure for balls hit into sand traps has been adopted.
Treat disturbed areas (footprints, sand divots, etc.) in the bunker as Ground
Under Repair. This allows you to
take free relief, but require you to keep
your ball in the bunker. You may move your ball one club length, no closer
to the pin, and place it in the trap. There is no penalty. You may also
choose to play the ball where it lies.
All rounds played, both 9 & 18 holes, should be posted. Until the Clubhouse is
opened, you will have to do this on your phone or tablet using the GHIN mobile
app. You are encouraged to use the hole-by-hole posting procedure because this
automatically makes the maximum strokes per hole adjustment. If you are not
comfortable doing this, you can post your gross score only. If you choose to do
this, you will have to make your own adjustment, which is:
Par of the hole + 2 strokes (double bogey) + any handicap strokes you are
entitled to on that hole = the maximum strokes you can post on that hole.
As you can see, itʼs easier if you post scores hole-by-hole and let the computer
make the adjustments.
The computers in the Clubhouse have been set up to accommodate hole-by-hole
posting, so once the Clubhouse is open, you can post there.
These guidelines may change as the State makes changes in their guidelines.
Bill Fleischauer
Handicap Chair