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Thursday Night League Format and Scoring

Format: Play off the lowest handicap of the group. ( i.e. if the group consists of 4 players with handicaps of 8,12,12,12 the three players with the 12 handicaps will get 2 strokes for the 9 hole match.)

Scoring System: 1 point will be awarded for each hole won. An additional point will be awarded to the team that wins the most holes, A total of 10 points is available 

Due to the lack of Thursday night subs, we are opening up the sub list to all members of Tan Tara, in the past subs needed to be members of the men's club. Also due to the lack of subs, we are allowing active Thursday night league members to sub in another match if they so choose. Obviously not at their assigned time but at an other time. If you are interested in subbing for Thursday night please send an email to the Thursday night league chairmen. Their email address can be found on the Board of Directors page.