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These are weekly tournaments open to all members of the Men’s Club

These tournaments, like the game of golf itself, are based on the honor system.

  Please  take your Yellow Card before you play your round. Or, on the 1st. tee, you declare to your playing partners you are playing your Yellow Card. You cannot play your round and then decide to use it for the Yellow Card.

  Remember you may only play the Yellow Card once a week. The day you take the card is the round you turn in.

Refer to the directions and sample card that are on the bulletin board in the locker room and fill out your card neatly and accurately. If I can’t read or understand a card I don’t count it. Your Yellow Card may be attested by any member of Tan Tara male or female.

Unless stated otherwise in the directions, all Yellow Card Tournaments will be played in the following handicap classes / flights.

            AA: 0-6

              A: 7-12

              B: 12-16

              C: 17-22

              D: 23-+

            Gold Tee

To be eligible to play in the Gold Tee flight, the total of your age and the white tee handicap (when added together), must be 90 or higher. Just because you are eligible for the Gold Tee flight does not mean you have to play in that flight. You may choose to play in any flight you are eligible for. However, you can only play in one a week!

You must post your Yellow Card as a Tournament Score.

Below are the flights for the 2 –Man Best Ball and President’s Cup Matches:

AA – A – B –(C&D) – Gold Tee

Bill Fleischauer- Tournament Chair